Testimonials image As the saying goes, “You’re only as good as what your clients say about you.” Thus, we pride ourselves on our client testimonials and the fact that a good majority of them come back for additional projects.

Here’s what some of our clients have said:

beAutomated impressed us when we noticed the free WordPress community newsletter signup form Plugin they created on their own, Benchmark Email Lite, driving thousands of users to our service. The quality of their Plugin was outstanding. We hired beAutomated to further develop this Plugin with all kinds of exciting new features. We then realized the attention to detail and creativity they had while building the Plugin with an easy to use interface and stable code that was well tested and error free. Through our popular service, we have been leveraging beAutomated’s quality WordPress product to convert many paid customers each month and counting! Thanks to Sean and Randy for bringing the best of WordPress to our business.

Curt Keller, Benchmark Email

Marriage Equality USA has been fortunate enough to work with beAutomated since the company’s inception. Sean Conklin and Randy Sandberg are great folks to work with–friendly, courteous, professional and always responsive! One of the things I personally treasure about our relationship with beAutomated is that in the course of my work with MEUSA I found myself doing more and more tech/web work, even though I do not have a tech background. Sean and Randy have the ability to explain things in a way that I can understand and they’ve actually taught me a great deal in addition to the actual technical work they’ve done for us. I’ve always been treated with the utmost respect and they clearly value my work even though I am not on their level technically. The beAutomated team has gone above and beyond in learning about our organization in order to identify and provide the specific technical tools we need to get our work done in the best way possible. I consider beAutomated to be one of our organization’s best resources!

Christine Allen, Marriage Equality USA

At O’Loughlin Trade Shows we operate 13 of the largest trade shows in the Pacific Northwest. We hired beAutomated to develop a custom Exhibitor Plugin, which provides a searchable list of exhibitors, exhibitor profiles, exhibitor profile management, and administration. Our thousands of exhibitors are especially delighted to have a Google Map, logo, product description and photo uploads, and video in their profiles. Thank you for working so hard to bring this vision to life and making sure it works as expected on our many sites. You are true professionals.

Kyle Aronson, O’Loughlin Trade Shows

No matter what your website needs, I would recommend Sean and Randy at beAutomated! When Big Cat Rescue needed to move more than 2,000 products from our eBay ProStore to our new WordPress site they were quick to come up with a method that made the transfer painless and fast. Automation is what they do best and what is unique about their company is that they are responsive and can speak to the geek or the novice alike in words that you can understand. What was most outstanding about their service though was their passion for perfection which led them to spend many unpaid hours trying to make sure that other aspects of my site were running at top performance. In areas outside of their expertise they know others who can help and are quick to share their experience and resources. They get five stars from me!

Carole Baskin, Big Cat Rescue

When I think of beAutomated, I think both Randy and Sean went above and beyond to help our organization and our partners without hesitation. They are very proficient at what they do and knowledgeable in their profession. I have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy working with beAutomated for many years to come.

Cassandra L. Nash, Santa Clara County Black Chamber of Commerce

beAutomated was able to expand both the functionality and design of the wine entering process for our competition website. They were wonderfully easy to work with and were able to quickly understand the goals of our project. And when we had questions, they were able to answer them and suggest the best solution to meet our needs.

Marc Berger, Riverside International Wine Competition

beAutomated has provided superb service in designing and maintaining my website. They are knowledgeable, conscientious, and very professional.

Gary L. Francione, Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach

I would highly recommend beAutomated for updating a website and website programming. They are very proficient at what they do, starting with the detailed written plan of action to their rather speedy yet solid programming work. They are very thorough in their work and great in QA. I am very pleased with the work they’ve done for me.

Paul Hillig, Top Notch Seats

beAutomated helps me with various high technology projects. I enjoy working with these gentlemen, and would recommend them to anyone needing custom web applications. Sean is the most knowledgeable programmer and Randy is the best Quality Assurance Engineer I have ever worked with.

Arian Haffezi, Design19

beAutomated helped us with several custom development projects for key clientele. Their responsiveness and commitment to quality is unparalleled.

Adam Koontz, Designworks

Our thanks to beAutomated for always providing us with high quality custom web programming.

Justin Sanderson, MyService