Default Stats for beCounted

Our Free WordPress Plugin, beCounted, allows folks to display any kind of statistics they wish. Here’s the default data we used to display the number of mythological creatures created.

Feel free to copy/paste the data below into beCounted:

Occurences per Year (one per line)

23,199,336 Centaurs
1,501,799 Dragons
301,275,455 Gorgons
49,877,536,490 Mermaids
2,676,365,000 Minotaurs
402,611,664 Pegasuses
5,018,470 Unicorns
1,375,940,758 Vampires
564,785,251 Werewolves
635,382,008 Zombies

Credit Text

Number of mythological creatures created since you opened this webpage.

Based on fictitious 2011 statistics gleaned solely from the minds of the <a href="">WordPress Plugin developers at beAutomated</a>.

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