CMS Download Stats for beCounted

Our Free WordPress Plugin, beCounted, allows folks to display any kind of statistics they wish. Here’s an example of the data required to display the number of Content Management System (CMS) downloads.

Feel free to copy/paste the data below into beCounted:

Occurences per Year (one per line)

51,148,500 WordPress
5,919,472 Joomla!
1,750,892 Drupal
676,000 DotNetNuke
517,296 CMS Made Simple
490,620 Liferay
387,972 TYPO3
365,612 eZ Publish
364,000 Alfresco
281,840 Umbraco
234,000 MODx
130,000 Tiki
125,528 SilverStripe
84,084 e107
72,176 Xoops

Credit Text

Number of Content Management System (CMS) downloads since you opened this webpage.
Based on <a title="Read 2010 Open Source CMS Market Share Report" href="">
2010 Open Source CMS Market Share Report</a> using 2010 statistics.
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