Our Tribute to Steve Jobs

Our Tribute to Steve JobsYesterday the technology community lost a hero. Steve Jobs was an iconic leader for marketing and innovation. His legacy remains alive and well at Apple, throughout the industry, and here at our little start-up business, beAutomated. Steve Jobs’ legacy comes into our operation in a number of ways, including:

  • Commitment to quality and doing things in a future proofed manner.
  • Being visionary—inventing new approaches, building upon and exceeding requirements.
  • Doing the things we love and letting the “dots get connected” on their own.
  • Leading the business optimistically on a path to success through hard work.
  • Perfecting the entire experience within our control.
  • Influencing the tools that the community uses everyday, thinking big and never giving up.

Apple products have been legendary. We use Apple products everyday to do what we do. Steve Jobs will be dearly missed…