Hello World!

Hello World!Here’s our first blog post. It’s not going to be long winded or anything like that. It’s merely here to say hello and let all of you know that every once in a while, when we have both the time and something interesting to say, either Sean or myself will create more posts.

Oh, and just so we’re all on the same page, we’ve completely redone our business model as well as our website to reflect the change. Not all that long ago we were a PHP Development shop that took on any and all PHP related jobs. That means, of course, we worked on a myriad of content management systems (CMS) such as Joomla!, Drupal, CMS Made Simple, and WordPress.

This got to be quite tedious being that in order to deliver high quality service we had to become specialists at each CMS as well as non-CMS PHP powered site we worked on. Thus, being only a two person team (for now) we decided to pick one CMS and run with it.

We choose WordPress. I’ll leave the reasons why we chose WordPress for another post. To that end, we chose to focus 100 percent of our development time on building custom WordPress Plugins that add whatever kind of features and functionality our clients can dream up for their websites.

As for our website redo, we changed a lot of the content, switched from CMS Made Simple to WordPress, and found a really slick theme called Boldy by the folks over at Site5 who offer remarkably awesome as well as FREE Premium WordPress themes!

Okay, I promised this post wouldn’t be long winded so I’ll end it here. Thanks in advance for any comments or suggestions you leave about any of these changes.