Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Had enough?

Had enough with trying to find the perfect WordPress Plugin?

If you are like most WordPress designers you have spent countless hours on behalf of your clients researching and testing many WordPress Plugins based upon testimonials, recommendations, and rave reviews only to have them not operate as expected.

Undaunted, you install another promising Plugin and then another and then another. Soon you discover that what you have is a complicated patchwork of Plugins that “sort of” do what you want but not without a few hiccups and certainly with no real efficiency.

Then it hits you; “There is no way in hell I can deliver this mess to my client let alone instruct them in how to use it.”

Had enough with poor site performance due to WordPress Plugins?

Something not widely known about WordPress Plugins is that using lots of them or just a single one that is poorly written or out of date can significantly degrade the overall performance of your site. Consequently, this can undermine your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and other marketing efforts.

You may have even experienced on occasion that certain combinations of Plugins refuse to play nice with one another and end up breaking your client’s site.

Had enough with a lack of support from WordPress Plugin developers?

When something does break or performs poorly and you require assistance it’s all too common to discover that all the developer provides in the way of support is a user forum that offers little to no help in solving your specific need.

Perhaps, like many others, you have found yourself carefully wording your forum post in hopes of being treated as a professional instead of being mistakenly relegated to the newbie users section. Unfortunately, this barrier to effective communication only worsens if the Plugin developers or support staff happen to be based in a foreign country were English is their second language.

Had enough with trying to create your own WordPress Plugin?

We understand the lure of developing your own WordPress Plugin. After all, you’re in the web design business because you have the entrepreneurial spirit and that cool, freelance, DIY attitude. We would simply ask: As a designer with an eye for beauty, do you really want to mess with writing all that “unsexy” code? Wouldn’t it be great to be able to exclusively focus on the design and have all that code written and fully tested for you?

Had enough with trying to find a reliable custom WordPress Plugin developer?

The world of WordPress Plugin development can be a lot like the “Wild Wild West”. Sure, there are suggested guidelines and “best practices” that should be observed by developers but nobody is forced to follow the rules.

Well, there’s a new sheriff in town. At beAutomated we understand your frustrations with all the wasted time, wasted effort, and lost revenue.

We believe we have the perfect solution to turning your unique ideas and those of your clients into real functioning Plugins. Here are just six out of many points to consider:

Efficient and Effective

Efficient and EffectiveEfficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. Utilizing this philosophy and following programming “best practices” enables us to develop a Plugin for you with the precise features and functionalities you and your clients need without breaking their site or your bank account.

Quality Control

Quality ControlQuality is never an accident, it’s a habit. This is the reason why we employ independent testers to run your new custom Plugin through the beAutomated gauntlet to insure it operates as expected under a wide array of circumstances before it ever goes live.

American Made

American MadeWe don’t outsource. Our Plugins are proudly hand crafted and tested in America by US citizens. So there are no language, conceptual barriers, or extreme time zone differences for you to overcome. This ensures you receive the best level of communication and speedy development of your Plugin projects.

Up Front Pricing

Up Front PricingSay goodbye to costly surprises. We provide fixed price quotes so you know exactly what your total and final development cost will be. This enables you to confidently place bids and give quotes to your own clients knowing you’ll never have to take a costly hit due to your Plugin development going over budget.

Stellar Support and Warranty

Stellar Support and WarrantyOnce your project is completed we won’t leave you out in the cold. We believe that your success is our success and we want loyal fans who’ll use us again and again. You and your Plugin will be fully supported for free by phone and email and backed by our exclusive 30-Day Warranty.

You’re The Boss

You're The BossWe work for you. These are your projects and your clients. Our job is to make you shine more brightly in the eyes of your customers. We are not designers, we are programmers and we love to code. Therefore, as a designer you are a very valuable asset and we take that relationship very seriously.

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